We are finally approaching the end of Harvest 2017.

We had been waiting for some more sunshine and so, between the showers, we have managed to harvest all the Linseed.  The harvested seeds should hopefully be used by other farmers next spring to plant in their fields.

All we have left to harvest now are the soya beans, which should hopefully only take us a couple of days.

Overall it’s been a very mixed harvest.  The Oilseed Rape yielded well but the Winter Barley yield was poor, due to hot weather when the plants were filling the grains.  The Wheat yield was mainly very good and all to market specification, bread making and biscuit quality which is great news.  The installation of the new grain drier definitely helped enabling wheat to be harvested wetter than normal and slowly dried before being safely tucked away into the new grain store.  The peas were very disappointing due to hot weather at flowering, and we had an average Spring Barley harvest.  Considering how dry the spring and early part of the summer was we are pleased with the results.

Next we will be planting the farm with Autumn sown wheat and barley.  To do this we desperately need some dry weather as the fields are very wet at the moment; fingers crossed the weather improves and we have a lovely Indian summer (soon).

Look out for our next blog about drilling and growing the winter crops.

You can follow Farmer Jake on his YouTube channel here.