Residents of Overbury and Conderton are reaping the rewards of signing up to SeSaME Oil Buying Club in more ways than one.

Not only are they making substantial savings on the purchase of domestic heating oil by buying as a group, but the community as a whole benefits as the more oil purchased in an area, the larger the share of dividends we receive.

In 2016 Overbury and Conderton received a combined rewards of £106.  This money goes to Overbury Village Hall and is used for community projects.

The 2 village have ordered more oil than any of the other villages in the scheme to date, other than the host village of Sedgeberrow.  This means we get a larger share!

Overbury and Conderton members have ordered 49,055 litres of oil over the last 12 months and the Overbury Village hall will benefit to the tune of £122.63 from the 2017 dividend share.

If you would like to find out more visit www.sesame.me.uk. Or you can speak to Club Manager Mike Parker by calling 01386 881863 or email Mike at [email protected].

The more members there are, the more we save and the more we benefit as a community!