COCO is the Conderton and Overbury Community Orchard.

This is a lovely place for local tenants and residents to come together to look after the orchard, learn new skills, do things as a family and meet new friends. Members can join in at events throughout the year.

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what existing members have to say.

‘I like being a member of the Coco orchard because I can have quiet time there, I can walk my dog Ted, I can camp with my friends and the best bit is collecting the apples and pressing them into apple juice that Mum keeps in the freezer for special occasions.’




Robyn's picture

Reasons why we love COCO

·        You spend less money on apples

·        You can walk in the orchard

·        You can play in there after school

·        You can be healthy; walking and eating

·        It makes the BEST apple juice

A massive thank you to Charlie and Robyn for the great picture and for telling us why they love COCO.

Another family of members have said this:

'One of our annual highlights as a family is the COCO Campfire in the summer. It’s always been a special opportunity to while away the time with friends and neighbours in such a beautiful place, one which on such evenings often seems strangely reminiscent of the African bush. Kids run free in this heavenly playground, while choice meats are prepared, someone tinkers on their guitar by the fire, and enough water to provide tea for an army boils at the ready. Some choose to camp over for the night, while others slip away to their comfortable beds, reconvening in the morning for a campfire breakfast.


Another highlight is the Juicing day in October. While some prefer to come ready with hand-picked fruit from their own gardens, ready for juicing, others get busy scouring the orchard for apples and pears. Then the fun begins as these are made into juice, assisted by young and not so young, and then bottled ready to be enjoyed at home, or for some, to be made into cider, a Christmas treat!'

Thanks to the Hutt family for the brilliant pictures and for telling us what COCO means to them as a family.

COCO is run by a group of local residents. Find out more here, and we currently have some wonderful COCO honey for sale at the Estate Office.

With so many reasons, why not get your family involved? For a membership form please contact Claire at the Estate Office on 01386 725111 or email reception@overburyenterprises.co.uk