A Week In The Life Of…. The Estate Manager

This blog has been written by our Estate Manager, Michelle Boliver.

So what do I do? We thought you might like to know a little bit more about my role and what I get up to on a daily basis.

The lovely and sometimes stressful thing about my job is that no two days are the same. My role covers everything from exciting conversions and renovations to blocked drains, from budgeting to letting property. The list is wide, and rather long!

I am a Chartered Surveyor by trade and trained at Harper Adams in Shropshire. I wanted a job where I could use my interest in the countryside and farming, be based in a rural location but also manage a business. Helping to look after Overbury and think about how we can sustain it for the long term ticks all of those boxes and more…

I have picked just a few of the things that kept me busy last week:


Norlands, OverburyNorlands is a beautiful house which we will be renovating this summer and we are preparing the tender to go to contractors this week. The project is too large for us to do with our in house team, so we will be looking to out-source some of the work to external but approved contractors. Rosie Bossom, Penelope’s daughter and I met this week to agree the final points – should this window seat stay (and be upgraded!) or go… watch this space to find out!! We need to decide everything from flooring and heating system’s to which door knobs we wish to use, so a lot of work goes into a project like this.

We will then look to let Norlands to someone very lucky at the end of the year when the work has been done. If you can’t wait that long then we do have a few other properties available! Check out the Properties page.


Overbury drainsI also met with a drainage engineer from Worcestershire Council to try and encourage the culvert in Conderton to be replaced after several months of no action. This Culvert has probably been in place for at least a hundred years but sadly it has collapsed so no water can flow through it. Chasing utility companies can take a huge amount of time but luckily, I found a very sensible man so have been promised that this will be replaced very soon!







Electricy at manor Farm, OverburyNow where can I put this? Our beautiful new dining room at Manor Farm will currently have this nasty (but essential) electricity H pole too close to their view for my liking. I spent a very long time trying to negotiate with a certain company to see what the alternatives are! I am not sure there is an easy solution.

Next on the Manor Farm to do list is getting updated prices from the contractors and getting the builders on site. This will be a really exciting project and something different for the village. All suggestions welcome if you have any ideas or potential users for the property when up and running.





Dry stone walls, overburyAnother of our ongoing challenges is the number and lengths of walls we have across the land we look after. Rather like the forth bridge, we have a never ending list of walls to be patched, replaced, repaired and occasionally removed. This all takes time and money – Rod, Rob & Darren all work on the walls, but as always we have to prioritise.





Overbury Estate PropertyWhilst out and about looking at our pre-paint repairs, which we are always busy with at this time of year, I noticed that Toff Millway at the Forge is using some rather fine water buts to capture the water off his roofs. As you know we have a private water supply here and the more we can do to conserve the supply the better.








Outdoors at Overbury in the CotswoldsNow although I never seem to be out and about as much as I would like to be, last week Martyn, the forester, and I went to look at where we would like to do some felling as you have to apply for licences to the Forestry Commission to make sure they approve and that you replant with appropriate trees. While looking at one woodland the smell of wild garlic was amazing.




Overbury is such a special place and I feel very privileged to play my part in helping look after it. I am sure that all of the people who live here and enjoy the hill feel the same, but we are always open to suggestions and ideas so if you have any feedback don’t be shy, let me know how we can make Overbury and Conderton even better.