Magical Maypole

Magical Maypole

Maypole at Overbury

Tradition plays a huge role Overbury.  One of the loveliest traditions – which has been held in Overbury for as long as anyone can remember and continues to this day – is the Maypole dancing.

Maypole dancing has been around since Medieval times with some mention of it going back as early as the Iron Age.  Whilst its true origins are largely unknown, it is believed that it has derived from a Germanic Pagan tradition.

The earliest known Maypole Dance in the United Kingdom dates back as far as the 14th Century.  Over time the Maypole dance has become more of a marking of Spring and a celebration of new life.

In Overbury, children from Overbury C of E First School practice hard to perfect the dances.  The boys and girls are led in a procession from the school to Overbury Court where they perform the Maypole dance for family and friends.


Overbury Maypole being held in front of the school in1948

Here is a picture from 1948 of the Maypole being held in front of the school.

On our Facebook page some of the children in this photograph have been identified. Can you help us to name others? Go to Overbury History on Facebook to see the photograph with a key and some names.



Overbury May QueenThis year, as always, a May Queen was crowned. The children all looked fantastic with the boys looking very smart in traditional shorts, shirts and ties; and the girls all looking lovely in pretty summer dresses. The music and dancing were enjoyed by all.

The Friends of Overbury C of E First School work very hard with the decorations and the flower arrangements are always beautiful.



Grasshoppers Nursery Overbury Nr Tewkesbury

The children from Grasshoppers Nursery also came along to watch the celebrations.