Busy Bees in Spring Time

We are now well into Spring and finally enjoying some warm sunshine, along with a few summer showers too, here at Overbury.  It’s a very busy time for us.

Left: Overbury Estate Office.





The renovations at Manor Farm and Norlands are coming along really well.  

We are currently shopping for kitchens for both properties, which is a fun part of the job. Norlands is a beautiful house which will make a perfect family home when the renovation is complete in the Autumn.  We will keep you posted on progress.

Right: Norlands under renovation.




The warmer weather also brings with it a surge in greenery. 

Most is a much appreciated change from the bareness of winter but not all greenery is welcome.  We are continuing our ongoing battle with brambles; and Ivy which can damage walls, although in the right place it can be a wonderful habitat for birds, bees and insects.

(Photo: Becky Holmes, Tenant & Employee).







Speaking of walls, we are also on a mission to ensure that ours are all in tip top condition.  You may have noticed the splendid new wall outside Norlands which our builders, Rob and Darren, have made such a great job of.  We have also repaired walls around our the villages, including a barn wall at Pigeon Lane, the wall at Pearcroft which was taken out by a speedy driver and the wall outside the Forge in Conderton too. Rod Gillet is also busy repairing the field walls around the Farm, a job rather like the Forth Bridge.  These are often damaged by Badgers and Deer but are an integral part of our lovely landscape.

(Photo: Jenny Onslow-Free, Tenant)



Another way in which we keep our special buildings looking so loved is to carry out regular repairs to the paintwork. Around every five years we repair and repaint them.  Our Carpenter Alan and his apprentice, Callum are working their way around the Estate properties repairing any damaged windows, doors, frames and other woodwork ready for decoration.

This is Callum hard at work in the sunshine!




We have also had a very busy couple of months finding new families to live in 54 Dormay Cottages, 67 Conderton, 10 Gable Row, Old Brewhouse and Conderton Chase.  We are lucky that so many people want to make Overbury and Conderton their home.  We now have lovely new tenants for all of these properties.  If you see new faces over the next few months, please do say hello and welcome them all to their new home.  Our tenants are what make this such a special community to be part of.

If you would like to make Overbury and Conderton your home it’s never too late.  Keep an eye out for new listings on our Property page.

We currently have a real beauty available.  Silver Rill House is one of the larger properties on the Estate.  

At this time of year we also look forward to some fantastic annual events which will be taking place over the next few months.  The Maypole is to take place in 2 weeks, celebrations being led by the children of Overbury C of E First School.  Open Farm Sunday is on 5th June (for more details visit Overbury Farms website); and the Overbury Street Market is on 9th July.  See how you can get involved.


Overbury Street Market




Children of Overbury C of E First School at the Maypole celebrationsChildren of Overbury C of E First School at the Maypole celebrations



If you have any comments or questions, we are always here to help. Call 01386 725 111 or email