March into Spring

Bulb bank

Spring is finally starting to come into fruition and the days are lengthening steadily.

With great satisfaction we are starting to see the fruits of our earlier labour.  Here is the Estate bulb bank coming to life after the bulb planting in the autumn last year and earlier in this current year.

March is the time to finally complete those overdue jobs such as Wisteria pruning and tying in, any final Rose pruning (for more information follow this link to the RHS guide on rose pruning on their website ) and fruit such as Figs. Once pruned it’s well worth fertilising and mulching the plants to both replace nutrients and conserve water.

Not only are things literally warming up but so is the soil.  In the kitchen garden the winter lettuce is growing well and the spring/summer lettuce are coming through, as are the first carrots sown just after Christmas. Talking about Christmas lunch now is the time to get those Brussel Sprouts sown, along with Broad Beans and Peas.  Towards the end of March the first Potatoes can be planted!

The exceptionally warm winter has led to a lot of grass growth,  so we have just carried out the first full cut and treated the moss and scarified, this has been one of the first turf care jobs of the year.

Fortunately, we are very lucky here at Overbury to have access to the right machinery for the job


This is the Sisis slitter which is used to aerate the lawn alleviating compaction caused by the previous year’s mowing, also aids drainage and root growth.


Tractor and grassThe tractor mounted scarifier removes dead moss and dead grass(thatch) once this is sucked up by the Grillo mower a tidy striped lawn is left in its place ready for the coming year.


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