Bees, Birds, Blossom and Buds!

image 1Now that the weather has started to become warmer, the real Spring has started to arrive. With the clocks changing the birds and wildlife seem to have sprung into life, blackbirds, robins, mistle thrush, all singing with great gusto.

The flowering plants in and around the two villages of Overbury and Conderton are following suit.

image 2


In the churchyard the flowering cherries, bulbs and plants have arrived with a flowering bang including the young magnolia tree by the small wooden Church gate.

As you pass through the village, happy accidents have occurred in the hedgerows such as this brightly flowering Forsythia adding a splash of Spring cheer.

image 3


As you are walking around the hill, there are edible treats readily available such as wild garlic (Allium ursine my) pictured below.

image 4

Some recipes using wild garlic can be found by clicking here.

However please ensure that you have correctly identified the plant, or sought professional advice if in any doubt.

image 5

There are more edible delights in the kitchen garden, salad crops, cabbages and broccoli have all come on at a pace in this warm weather. My particular favourite is white romanesco picture below.


image 6

There are many more treats to be found in our gardens at this time of year ranging from flowering shrubs such a Kerryia japonica with its gorgeous Pom Pom flowers


image 7Not forgetting the lovely often sweetly scented apple blossom.  If you have the opportunity to get out into the garden there are many brightly coloured surprises to greet you this weekend, after a long wet winter.