Harvest 2017 got off to a good start, with long sunny, dry days.  We have a brand new Combine Harvester for this year.  It is able to harvest about 40 tonnes per hour when it is harvesting wheat.  The header is from Canada, built in Winnipeg by MacDonhttps://www.youtube.com/user/No1FarmerJake and is 10.5 meters wide.

You may have been following the progress of our new ‘future-proof’ grain drier.  This is now almost complete and we have been able to christen it with this years’ crops.  The grain drier complex houses 10 different grain storage areas and in total can hold a whopping 10,000 tonnes of grain when full.  State of the art technology, dry off any slightly damp grain and enables us to keep the grain at the correct moisture content. 

We started the harvest with winter barley, oil seed rape and milling wheat (for bread).  These crops are all done.

Unfortunately, as you will have noticed, the weather has turned and we are getting more rain.  It is very frustrating as we have to wait for the crops to get to a certain moisture content before we can harvest, and by the time it is dry enough, very often it is raining again!

Bring back summer - all is forgiven!

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