Here at Overbury Enterprises we are proud of what we do and passionate about doing it well.  We are always looking for opportunities to share our knowledge.  Last week was been busy with visitors.

Monday 12th June was Countryside Learning Day.  We were visited by 130 pupils from 4 different schools including Overbury C of E First School.  The children had the opportunity to see all aspects of work on the Estate.  This included Forestry, Carpentry, Farming, Shepherding, Gamekeeping, Building, Gardening, Pottery (not sure what else!)

Countryside Learning Day is organised by Gary Richardson and is a wonderful way to show children the diversity of rural work.Sunday 11th June was Open Farm Sunday, a nationwide event which saw over 400 farms open their gates to the public.  Again, Overbury Enterprises took part.  It is such a great way of showing locals and consumers what goes on here on the farm and where your food comes from.  Visitors to Overbury enjoyed a tractor and trailer ride around the hill with a talk from Farmer Jake and Penelope.

On Tuesday 13th June Wychall School came for their school trip.  Wychall School is in inner city Birmingham and love to come and visit to see where how their food is grown and reared.  The children visited the gardens team and made a wormery to take back to school.  They also went for a tractor and trailer ride around the hill looking at the crop that we grow, our conservation and they got to watch a (Hummingbird) crop monitoring drone take off and land.





A very busy start to the week but we have thoroughly enjoyed opening our gates and showing people what we do.