The Overbury Gardens team have arrived back at Overbury from the RHS Show at Malvern full of new ideas and inspiration, learning about irrigation, new plants available this year, Victorian plant collecting, Heritage Seed Library and Garden Organic. The show is a great way of making new contacts in the industry and learning and sharing horticultural ideas and techniques.

We also caught up with Chris and team from Ragged Stone who have created perry from our pear orchards here at Overbury Enterprises.

Keep an eye out for late frosts and protect tender plants, I use horticultural fleece, which is both cheap and effective.

Water early and late in the day to get the most out of your water supply. Recycle if possible grey water from washing up for example…

Hoe off weeds regularly, as this makes weed control easier later in the year!

Keep an eye out for nesting birds before trimming hedges, box hedges and shapes, yew etc… Can be kept in good order from now until October.

Lift and divide overcrowded groups of daffodils and other Spring flowering bulbs.

Earth up potatoes for protection from frost and a good yield.

Watch out for lily and viburnum beetle as they will soon spoil the leaves and flowers.

Seed sowing, keep on sowing salad crops bi-weekly for a continuous fresh supply of lettuce, salad onions, radish etc….

Some flower seeds such as echinacea can still be sown and brassicas for the cooler months ahead such as Broccoli and cabbage.

Although garden design and plant preferences have changed over the years, the one thing great gardens have always needed is a dedicated team of knowledgeable and passionate gardeners.

See how our team here at Overbury has changed over the years...


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