With so many trees and so much property here at Overbury Enterprises, Storm Doris has kept us rather busy.

Several of the properties have had tiles blown off so the Maintenance Team have been repairing and replacing to keep our tenants nice and dry!

Here is a before and after picture of the damage done by Storm Doris to a roof on one of our barns and the speedy repair job done by the team.







Our Forester Martyn has been clearing fallen trees from roads, fields and woodlands.

The wood from the fallen trees is cut in to manageable sections, moved to the Wood yard and then depending on the quality either planked or chopped into logs. In certain places we were able to just prune the tree, remove the windblown branch and hopefully it will live on for years to come.

In places where there is significant damage to the trees, especially in the Parks, we are looking at replanting plans. A tree can take hundreds of years to grow into a wonderful specimen and then a gust of Doris and it is on the floor!

We took a small fallen branch to Grasshoppers nursery (link to Grasshoppers) for the children’s Interest Table which was very much appreciated.  They enjoyed looking at the buds which were forming.  Evidence that spring is definitely on the way.

The nursery also had a bit of damage when naughty Storm Doris knocked over their bird table.  You will be pleased to know this is now upright again so the children are able to watch the birds feeding happily.


We must also thank Doris as the strong winds did lend a helping hand with the leaves.  They were blown into nice tidy piles ready for the Gardening team to collect. The piles were there just long enough to be enjoyed by some of our younger residents if you can spot them!