Overbury First School Grand Opening

Monday 8th September saw the day a lot of us had been waiting for - the Grand Opening of the new school building at Overbury First School.

OV Sch New Entrance

We see the School as the centre point of the village, helping us to stay sustainable, thriving and giving children the wonderful opportunity to be educated in such a great place. For a number of years the School had been struggling with small classrooms and over-crowding, with nowhere to make on site lunches.

The Estate conducted a survey and found that over a third of our properties in Overbury & Conderton had a relationship with the school, showing how important it is to make sure that the School has a long term sustainable future.

So over five years ago the Governors, teachers and estate embarked on a journey. After an awful lot of hard work, determination and the very generous support of Bruce Bossom, Overbury have a fabulous new Hall, kitchen, classroom and office facilities which you can see in the below pictures.

OV Sch Kitchen OV Sch Class Room OV Sch Hall

On Monday we enjoyed a fabulous performance by the children who you can tell adore the new building, Pernilla & Faith shared the journey they had all being through and The Rev Susan Renshaw “beat the bounds”. This is a fabulous old tradition whereby in times gone by the Parish Boundary was walked and small boys heads were banged on the ground. We opted for a rather more gentle prayer at the four corners of the school grounds.

OV Sch Playground

We look forward to watching the School grow from strength to strength and joining them on this journey.