Old Village Shop

Exterior Rear OVSWe recently held a very successful evening at Overbury’s Business Club, a vast array of businesses from around Bredon Hill came together to listen to and engage with Richard Denny, (http://richarddenny.co.uk/) a fabulous speaker, who now lives in Bredon. Richard talked all about how business is changing, how important your customers are and how to go that extra mile for them.

The evening was a great success, not only due to Richard’s fabulous presentation but also giving us all the opportunity to meet, chat, find connections and synergy between a whole range of businesses; from Kirsten Cluer’s HR business, (http://www.cluerhrsolutions.co.uk/ ) to Alex Churchill, an amazing artist (http://www.alexandrachurchill.co.uk/) and many more. The variety of businesses that are busily working around Bredon Hill are incredible, with lots more home working too.

One of Richards’s most important messages was to find out what your customer wants and then deliver. We hope this is what the Overbury Business Club does for a wide variety of people and businesses.

Large Conference room frontThe Overbury Business Club is a fabulous flexible space, recently refurbished it is a great place for meetings, group gatherings, training sessions or just if you want to have some quiet time out of the home office or the noisy open plan office.

Large Conference room lounge area rearSmall conference roomThere are three offices which we rent out on a monthly basis, and then three rooms available for convenient short term use, whether that is by the hour, the day or the week.

The Overbury Business Club has great connectivity as it is on the Estate’s fibre optic network so upload and download speeds are much faster that you may experience elsewhere in the countryside, or indeed in some towns and cities. We are also minutes from the M5 and A46; located between Birmingham & Bristol, with very easy access and lots of parking should you need it. All this but situated in the middle of a gorgeous village, with lots of footpaths that you can explore should you feel the need.

If you think this could be a facility you could use then contact Rosy or Becca at the Estate Office and we can talk through your needs.