February in the Gardens

photo 1Apple tree pruning has been taking place here in the Overbury gardens, as has seed sowing with the local nursery school.




Education is vital to inspire continued interest and development in horticulture, both as a hobby and a career. It was great to have Overbury Grasshoppers in the gardens with us and watching the childrens enjoyment at getting involved. We never know, we may have budding James Wongs and Alan Titchmarshes here in Overbury!


photo2At this time of year it is vital to keep apple trees pruned for both the trees health and to promote fruit production for the coming year. The RHS has a good pruning video, which is full of tips and demonstrations.



photo 3It is also essential to prune Wisteria at this time to aid flowering, especially with this warm wet winter. Prune to 3 buds allowing all the energy to be concentrated on flowering.