COCO Juicing Day

pic 1On Saturday 26th October the Conderton and Overbury Community Orchard held their annual juicing day.


The wet weather of last year left the UK apple harvest in a desperate situation, and as a result the 2012 Juicing day was cancelled. However, leading from a disappointing 2012, this year produced a bumper crop.

pic 2

The day started with the COCO team picking all the ripe apples and pears from the orchard trees.


pic 3


After a good wash they then gathered all the apples and pears together and processed them through the pulping machine.

Pic 5




The pulp is then squeezed to release the juice.

Pic 6




The wonderful pear juice and apple juice is then bottled and available for all to buy and enjoy.



If you would like to learn more about COCO and get involved with future events then please get in touch with Emma Taite, Secretary through the Estate Office on 01386 725 111.