Overbury Street Market

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With the sun shinning the Overbury Street Market was once again a roaring success.

P1050178 009_edited-12There was a wonderful selection of stands and stalls, most manned by Tenants of the Estate. As the flags flew and the sun shone, the crowds gathered to enjoy a drink and slice of cake in the garden, browse the book stall and brave the bric and brac.

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At a later meeting, proceeds totalling £4006.00 from this years event were allocated as follows: St Faiths Church £2000 (insurance), Overbury School £908 (equipping new extension), Overbury Cricket Club £598 (tractor repairs) and Overbury Village Hall £500 (heating in the toilets).




P1050179 010_edited-1A huge thank you to everyone who helped on the day and who visited, we look forward to seeing everyone next year on Saturday 12th July 2014.