Overbury Gardening Team

Now a month into duties as the new Head Gardener at Overbury, I'd like to introduce you to our growing team at Overbury.

From left to right we have:

  • Harry Creek currently in his second year as a horticulture student and doing work experience a day a week.
  • Harry Philips is a horticulture apprentice, working permanently at Overbury and undertaking study at Pershore college.
  • Sarah Champier is our nursery plant and floristry expert
  • Phil Brown has just joined the team and brings a wealth of horticultural experience.

Do stop us and ask us any questions if you see us around in Overbury or Conderton.  We can advise on tips for the best times to prune or when to undertake certain gardening jobs, but also may be able to offer quotations to do jobs for you in your gardens.  If you would like to know more call Reception on 01386 725111

Thank you and I hope to meet you soon! 

Jamie Small

[email protected]