As we creep into February it’s time to get those binoculars out and the curtains twitching. There are two events that the Overbury team will be taking part in, and maybe you could too?

RSPB - BIG garden bird watch

The RSPB’s BIG Garden Birdwatch is from Saturday 28th to Monday 30th January. Find out more information here.

Can you find a spare hour to sit and stare into your garden? We would love it if the people of Overbury & Conderton joined in. The beauty of this is you don’t need to be David Attenborough or have a degree in bird identification to take part.  Use this handy Bird identifier which is a really easy to follow guide of the birds you commonly find in your garden.

This started in 1979 (rather a long time ago, as old as our Estate Manager!) so there is 37 years of data. And the really good thing about this survey…. you can do it from the warmth of your own home.

If you manage to take snaps of any of these birds even better. Pop them on to our Instagram @overburyenterprises using #biggardenbirdwatch



BIG farmland bird count

Then between 3rd and 12th of February the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust are carrying out their 2017 BIG Farmland Bird Count.  The GWCT are an amazing UK charity that conduct extensive research into conservation practises, backing up practical work with science to enable informed decisions about how we manage our countryside.

Farmers & Gamekeepers, as we hope you know from walking around the Farm, take great care, energy and effort in trying to increase all farmland birds, from skylarks and curlews to linnets or sparrows. This count helps farmers to understand what methods are helping increase these and also helps to show encouraging trends proving that we are making a positive difference. GWCT explains this in more detail here.  

Even Farmers need help though and GWCT set up training days to help them with their bird ID so that the colloquial term “LBJ” (little brown job – universal name for small unidentified birds!) can be retired!

We will tell you all about what we found soon and if you take part in the RSPB day then please do share your findings with us.