Fabulous Fireworks!

On Sunday 6th November the sky over Overbury was alive with light and colour for the annual firework display. 

The children of Overbury C of E First School held their traditional Guy Fawkes competition.  There were some fantastic entries. 

The winning Guy took pride of place on top of the bonfire which was lit at 6pm.  The bonfire attracted a huge crowd who huddled up to the safety barriers on the chilly evening.

Refreshments went down well with the visitors, enjoying mulled cider, hot chocolate, beer and juice for the children as well as sausages and burgers.



At 7pm the fireworks began.  All eyes went skyward and synchronised oooh’s and aaah’s could be heard throughout the whole display.  The final boom was so spectacular it even set off a car alarm!!  Everyone said they were the best ones yet. The fireworks were generously arranged by Mr Bossom.

Photos supplied by Lucy Marsden (one of our very kind tenants!)

The collection on the gate raised approximately £1,500 towards Village Hall improvements.