Christmas garden tips

Now is the time to add a little Christmas cheer by making your wreaths out of Christmas tree trimmings, holly and whatever else you may choose, below is an example I made last year…


There are of course many other jobs to be getting on with in the gardening over the festive period.

1. Make sure that greenhouse heaters are up and running correctly.

2. Prevent ponds and outside taps from freezing.

3. Its time to think about Apple & Pear tree pruning. A pruning masterclass is available from myself in January.  Contact the Estate Office for details (tel 01386 725111 or email [email protected]).

4. Prune Acers, Birches and Vines before Christmas as this helps to prevent the sap from bleeding.

5. It is still possible to plant or transplant deciduous trees and shrubs.

6. Time to take hardwood cuttings of plants such as grapes, any deciduous shrub (looses its leaves in the winter), roses and deciduous trees.

7. Reduce houseplant watering.


Leigh Watts, Head Gardener