Roses of Overbury

We are fortunate here in Overbury and Conderton to be blessed with a large number of roses climbing up our houses or in our gardens.

Barron House


These need some care in the summer too, providing healthy growth/control and repeat flowering. The types of Rose that benefit from a good summer prune are repeat flowering climbers, English shrub roses, hybrid teas and floribundas.

Old Police House




To maintain a vigorous but controlled shape to your rose, make sure you summer prune after each flush of flowering as opposed to simply deadheading.


Rose 1


After each flush of flowers has finished, cut back the flowering stems to two or three sets of leaves. You may also notice that the occasional new long, strong stem will appear from the base of the shrub, or sometimes grows higher up from older branches. These can grow quickly above the frame of the plant and look a little out of place at first.



These stems are in fact very beneficial, forming strong, healthy new stems which will flower next season. I recommend that you trim these new stems back slightly when carrying out summer pruning, just enough to maintain the nicely rounded shape of the shrub.

Climbing roses should be treated as above but kept well trimmed to the wall to help prevent the growth becoming damaged by being out of control and so heavy that it snaps and becomes infected by disease.

Rose 3Rose 2


Tips provided by Leigh Watts, Head Gardener at Overbury Estate

You can follow Leigh on Twitter @No1gardenerLee