Spring Garden Tips from Gardens Manager, Leigh Watts

Spring is upon us and is leading into the most picturesque, but frantic time of the year. All of your hard work now will be richly rewarded throughout the rest of the year.

Borders should be thoroughly weeded and composted replacing the nutrients used up last year! Although there is a no dig culture that is spreading throughout horticulture in the UK led by Charles Dowding and Elaine Ingham, see www.soilfoodweb.com for more information. We still dig most of the borders here at Overbury. I am trying this technique of soil management, in the polytunnel and the first plants to benefit are Italian berlotti beans, which are coming along well.

Spring 1

Other vegetables to sow during March are Broad Beans, Peas, First Early Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts thinking about Christmas lunch already.

There is still time to complete rose and fruit tree annual pruning, especially for the beginner as its easier to see from were the blossom is about to burst.

Lawn care is also prevalent at this time of the year. We have treated the moss and are busily aerating the lawns with a Sissis slitter for root development and scarifying to remove the dead moss and thatch.

Spring 2Spring 3