Our Grasshoppers are Tucking In!

Overbury Grasshoppers Nursery is taking part in a trial providing hot lunches to the children.

IMG_4583 (3)

The first week of hot lunches is going very well. The mealtimes are proving, as had been hoped, a very sociable experience with children and staff all sitting down together to share a meal.

IMG_4582 (3)

The lunches have been good quality – the chicken on Monday was really tasty.

IMG_4581 (3)

The lasagne on Tuesday was obviously made from scratch, containing tasty mince and courgettes, mushrooms etc. and came with a lovely salad and most of the children had seconds (some had thirds!)

IMG_4580 (3)

The staff particularly enjoyed Wednesday’s spring cabbage, children were (as may have been expected) less enthusiastic, but did all try it!!