June in the Kitchen Garden at Overbury

Blog 01.07.14 Lettuces


The gardens team have been busy in Overbury planting up the kitchen garden. Now that the soil temperature has risen above 7 degrees centigrade seeds will germinate in the soil, so we have sown lettuce, carrots, radish etc....

Tomatoes, aubergines and peppers have been planted out in the polytunnel, with the first tomatoes of 2014 starting to ripen.

Blog 01.07.14 Tomatoes


We have also taken cuttings to continue our propagation of the existing plants in the gardens.

Here is a root cutting taken from a hardy geranium.

Blog 01.07.14 Hardy geranium 1


Here is the same root cutting 2 weeks later.

Blog 01.07.14 Hardy geranium 2