Judes jog just for fun


Judes runs are beginning to wind down as she prepares for the last few weeks of training before her Ultra Marathon. However, before then we have 'Judes Jog Just for Fun' on Sunday 27th April.

You can run, walk or cycle the route from The Yew Tree in Conderton to Sundail Barn. You can start with a cup of tea at the pub before setting off with Jude at 10.30am. We are hoping to have a last push for sponsorship for Jude to help her reach her target of £1,500 for Maggies of Cheltenham.

Jude has run approximately 240 miles in the last month, focusing her training on the sort of ground and conditions that she will meet on the day. She has been researching the type of food stuff she can carry whilst running, which will give her the energy she needs over the 11 hours it will take to complete without taking up too much room. It seems so far Jaffa cakes and Belvita biscuits work best. Further to this she needs to calculate the amount of water she will need between each checkpoint, to save her carrying unnecessary extra weight on the day.

Jude has been overwhelmed by the encouragement and support she has received so far. She is hugely grateful for all the money that's been given to date, and wants to share a big thank you for every single donation. It seems the local community have been particularly generous and are the stars of the show.

For the next week Jude will be running shorter runs and spending less time on her legs in general. Three days before the run she wont be doing any training, just spending her time sorting her kit and eating!

We looking forward to meeting as many walkers and runners on Sunday as possible.