Overbury First School Maypole Dancing

IMG_3138 (1024x683)We were very privileged to welcome today Overbury First School for their annual Maypole Dancing at Overbury Court.

Due to the unfortunate weather in May the dancing was rearranged  - and today the sun was glorious.


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IMG_3147 (1024x683)Maypole Dancing is a wonderful Overbury tradition which is believed to date back to the early 1900's. Dancers gather in a circle, each holding a coloured ribbon attached to a small pole. As the dance commences the ribbons are intertwined and plaited on to the pole itself by the children weaving between each other.

The dancers then retrace their steps in order to unravel the ribbons. This style of maypole dancing originates in the 18th century, spreading across much of England, and is now regarded as the most 'traditional' of May Day's characteristics.

Many proud parents took a seat in the beautiful sunshine to watch the May Queen being crowned, followed by a wonderful selection of songs.

The children then proceeded to take it in turns in dancing around the May pole with their partners.

Congratulations to all the pupils and teachers who took part, it was a pleasure to watch.

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